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Loans are necessary throughout the life of a business. Most businesses require startup loans to get off the ground, and once your business is established, you may seek out further loans to expand it. Also, having a certain amount of debt is healthy as it establishes credit.

Elias Aziz-Lavi CPA can help your small business manage its loans according to best financial practices. We can guide you toward a sound policy that makes the most of your loan without veering into overspending or excessive debt.

Principles of Sound Loan Management

First and foremost, recognize that your loan creates an obligation between you and your lender. The money you gain from a loan may give you extra confidence, but you should spend it sparingly and wisely, and have a plan for how you will use the funds. Often, it is best to create several layers of accountability to make sure you access your funds only when necessary. A full-time accountant or financial manager should be constantly monitoring your accounts to ensure that money is not being wasted. Elias Aziz-Lavi CPA can assist you with:
  • Setting up automatic loan payments, which sometimes come with discounts such as decreased interest rates
  • Making sure you have the funds to make regular payments through careful management of your accounts
  • Seeking debt relief if your business has become overwhelmed with loan payments
  • Finding the best terms for a new loan if you’re looking to expand

Along the way, our philosophy is to establish a personal connection with you and your business, so we can do our best to work in your interest. We bring decades of accounting and loan management experience to the table.

Debt Relief is Available

If you’re struggling to make loan payments, don’t panic. Often, lenders are amenable to restructuring or refinancing your loan to respond to changing circumstances. We can help you avail yourself of every strategy to reduce your debt burden and get your small business in good financial shape.

Contact Elias Aziz-Lavi CPA if your small business is seeking loan assistance in the Los Angeles metro area.